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This demo mocks communication with a server that would normally store the data and provides mocked responses locally to present end-to-end communication. Request and Response messages are logged into a console which can be enabled by clicking "Show Console" button below. Additional information about mock requests is also available in the browser console.

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Input Type Example
text popup awesome
text inline awesome
textarea awesome comment!
date 15/05/1984
datetime 15/03/2013 12:45
dateui 15/05/1984
html5types admin@example.com


Simple text field superuser
Empty text field, required
Select, local array, custom display
Select, remote array, no buttons Admin
Select, error while loading Active
Combodate (date)
Combodate (datetime)
Textarea, buttons below. Submit by ctrl+enter awesome user!
Twitter typeahead.js
Select2 (tags mode) html, javascript
Select2 (dropdown mode)
Custom input, several fields


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